1991 Dial - Senior Pictures

On six pairs of Senior pages, the names contained on one of the pages extends to a fourth column on the opposite page. Consequently, there are no names and activities shown on those pages where the names are listed on the opposite page. This was to accomodate a larger picture and highlight of one particular Senior. An example are pages 176 and 177. On page 176 there are three columns of pictures, but four names and activies listed per row. On page 177 there is a single column of three pictures with no names and activities along with the highlight of Senior May Speck. Note that in the list below, there are six instances where three names are listed with commas rather than two names separated with a dash. The names with the commas are the pages with the single column of three pictures whose name and activities are highlighted on the page before or after.

CoverYearbook Cover
172Aiken - Bartes
173Batteau - Bennett
174Benton - Bridges
175Brooks - Cauthen
176Chamness - Cole
177Chappell, Clay, Coleman
178Compton - Cross
179Daesch - Eddings
180Evans, Feiste, Galanos
181Falcone - Gibbs
182Gray - Holt
183Hull - Kammler
184Johnson - Lindsey
185Khaaliq, Leitner, Linehan
186Lundstrom - Martin
187Mathis - McVey
188Meadows, Miller, Moreno
189Medeiros - Munroe
190Murphy - Partlow
191Patula - Rader
192Reisch - Scott
193Robbins, Sandberry, Shappard
194Shingleton - Spees
195Springer - Vivian
196Walker, Wheetley, Wooters
197Waller - Zapp