Grant Request Summary



     Name                    Department         Purpose      


 1.   Suzanne Asaturian             Science                 Microscopes      

 2.   Helen Bottje                  Science/AWARE Club      Landscaping      

 3.   Helen Bottje                  Science                 Laptop                 

 4.   Marla Boyer/Michelle Thomas   P.E.                    Heart Rate Monitors    

 5.   Michael Dollins               Science                 Thermometers           

 6.   Heather Favale                Health                  Software         

 7.   Robin Gross                   Foreign Language        Trip-St. Louis         

 8.   June Hickey                   Rebound                 Touch of Nature        

 9.   Lindy Loyd                    A.V.                    Editing System         

10.   Judy Major                    Math                    Material-AT/AAT  

11.   Judy Martinko                 Science                 Temp. Probes           

12.   Madeline Miller               S.S.P.                  Videos                 

13.   Carrie Mueller                Science                 Software         

14.   Stephen Murphy                Science                 Flow Table       

15.   Simone Neal                   English                 Books            

16.   Matthew Peck                  Science                 Microscopes      

17.   Lena Pierceall                Science                 Flow Table/Stream Table

18.   Gwen Poore                    Business                Video Equipment        

19.   Vince Reed                    Career Education        Cameras                

20.   Frances Swedlund              Fine Arts               Visiting Artist        

21.   Kim Waller                    Fine Arts               Software         

22.   Kim Waller                    Fine Arts               Files            

23.   Kim Waller                    Fine Arts               Software         

24.   Kim Waller                    Fine Arts               Microphones      

25.   Laura Weber                   S.S.P.                  Software         

26.   Laura Weber                   S.S.P.                  Library                

27.   Wellness/Care Team            N/A                     Information Resources  

28.   Teacher of the Year Committee N/A                     Award            



                                    Total Requested:        $19,355.72

                                    Total Approved:         $ 9,923.77



Note that there were not funds available to approve all requests.  If you’d like to help fund next year’s requests, please click here.